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Villas Koh Samui for Sale

The thought of villas Koh Samui for sale is hugely appealing to property buyers investing in the beauty of a Thai-island experience. Many of the island’s villas command prime positions, whether right by the beach, dramatically sat atop a cliff or hill with magnificent seascape vistas or nestled in tropical greenery. Property is about ‘location, location, location’ and alongside this there are other plus-points to looking at a villa for sale in Samui too.

Those looking for a private, exclusive villa have a lot to choose from. Many of Samui’s luxury villas are set in their own hideaway locations, away from other developments, whether residential or hospitality. At the same time, there are plenty of outstanding villas discovered in upscale gated communities, with services and facilities that are second-to-none. The luxury tourism market is big business in Thailand and whilst the backpackers are well-catered for, the flashpackers are looking for comfort, style and quality, whilst HNW visitors want to pull out all the stops and enjoy a villa experience that is out of this world. All this points to individual villa properties bringing in a promising ROI potential for investors who want to capture a slice of the luxury tourism market pie.

Intimate wedding parties, honeymoon couples and even those looking for a romantic destination-stay for a proposal flock to Thailand’s idyllic island. Samui, with its easy access, stunning landscapes and gorgeous villa stays is top of the list, adding to the rental revenues for those who have invested in a high-end villa property.

Another market that is growing is without doubt the Chinese market, which make up around 30% of tourists visiting Thailand each year. With Beijing boasting more billionaires than New York, China’s monied vacationers want the best of the best when it comes to a Thai-island stay, with privacy and exclusivity being at a premium. A villa stay is perfect for discerning travelers who want to relax into a home-away-from-home holiday lifestyle.

Families looking for stays that appeal to different ages represent another big market for villa owners interested in renting out their property to tourists. The value of group holidays cannot be underestimated either, with millennials with higher disposable incomes than ever before seeking experiential travel. A stay in an extraordinary villa is an unforgettable experience and specialists such as The Luxury Signature can handle rentals for those villas that make it into their exclusive portfolio.

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