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Purchasing a Condominium or Apartment – Koh Samui Property

Ownership options when purchasing a condominium or an apartment

Condominiums and apartments in Thailand can be owned directly in a foreigners name through Freehold ownership. However, this is only possible if the condominium/apartment development possesses a condominium license.

The condominium license allows the developer to sell 49% of the private living space to foreign investors on a freehold basis. The remaining 51% of the private living space can be owned by foreigners either through a Thai limited company or through lease hold. 

Should a condominium/apartment development not have a condominium license then all units within the development can be owned through a Thai limited company or a 30-year lease. The 30-year lease can in some cases be renewed for another 2 periods of 30-years. This gives you a 90-year lease on the property.


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