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Land titles and land measurements

Land titles and measurements in Thailand – Koh Samui Property

Land titles

There are only two types of land titles that a foreign investor should consider when purchasing property in Thailand. Those two land titles are Chanote and Nor Sor Sam Kor.


Chanote land titles are issued by the land department. The land is accurately surveyed and plotted in relation to the Thai national survey grid. Chanote titled land plots are also marked by unique numbered posts in the ground. The ownership of a Chanote titled land plot can be transferred within a couple of hours. Chanote is the best type of land title for a foreign investor.

Nor Sor Sam Kor

Nor Sor Sam Kor land titles are measured relatively accurately but not as accurate as Chanote titled land plots. Transfer of ownership can take longer than that of a Chanote titled land plot. Nor Sor Sam Kor land titles are still considered as a safe option for foreign investors.

Nor Sor Sam

The boundaries of Nor Sor Sam land titles are only recorded with relation to neighboring plots and survey errors of up to 20% is not unusual. Nor Sor Sam land titles require 30 days public notice before change of land ownership can occur. As a foreign investor it is not recommended to purchase a land plot with a Nor Sor Sam land title.

Land measurements

Land prices in Thailand are usually priced in “THB per Rai” or for smaller plots “THB per Talang Wah

1 Rai = 1,600 m²

1 Acre = 2.53 Rai

1 Hectare = 6,25 Rai

Talang Wah = 1sq Wah = 4m²



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