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Koh Samui Sea View Villas for Sale

Why Invest in a Koh Samui Sea View Villa?

The beauty of owning a property on an island such as Koh Samui is that there are beautiful beaches, inspirational sunrises and sunsets and, of course, views out over the Gulf of Thailand. Because of this there are plenty of Koh Samui sea view villas for sale, especially when compared with other destinations around the globe where beachfront property prices are so high as to be prohibitive.

This really is the first point you might consider, that the cost of a priceless vista is quite often surprisingly reasonable. You may even find that if you aren’t really looking for a huge mansion then the cost of this prime property location could be within budget. Of course, a tropical abode that boasts a splendid sea view, whether as a primary residence, holiday home or tourist rental is bound to impact the price tag on the market. However, a big surprise for those first looking at listings is to discover that the dream of waking up and looking out to blue waters from their own balcony each morning is not necessarily beyond reach.

So availability and a competitive price are good reasons to consider buying a villa with a sea view. Another important qualification is the fact that such a prime location can attract fantastic returns on investment. If you’re investing as part of a business plan or even if you simply want to ensure your property value goes up, a villa with a view out over the ocean can definitely boost these ROIs. For tourists, with high expectations of a dream vacation, a villa rental with a coastal view is a must, and this is definitely the case when you start to look at the luxury market which is robust in Koh Samui.

On a less economic basis, why not invest in the quality of your life too and the wonder of looking out to the horizon beyond the beach, across turquoise waters? Breathing in the refreshing sea air is what the Samui lifestyle is all about. If you’re looking to escape Bangkok, or any urban area in Thailand or abroad, then there’s something instantly soothing and relaxing about such a calming seascape. The value of this cannot be underestimated.

A sea view, perhaps of distant islands too, transforms outdoor villa spaces such as an al fresco lounge, dining area and infinity pool where every view looks out over the water.

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