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Spotlight on Contemporary Koh Samui Real Estate

The beauty of Koh Samui’s beachfronts affords what is one of Thailand’s largest islands a timeless quality, where nothing much has changed between the blue waters and the white sands for an age or more. On the contrary, Koh Samui real estate is contemporary, chic and absolutely glamorous with some of the most stunning beachfront properties on the market for those with dreams big enough to invest in this beautiful part of the world.

Magnificent millionaire mansions, Koh Samui’s villas have all the allure of A-list celebrities, with award-wining resort-style developments. These gloriously upscale homes are nothing short of spectacular and even those properties that are in the price bracket of just over six million Thai Baht are incredibly stunning and in prime settings. Of course, some of the luxurious of Koh Samui real estate can run into the tens of millions of Thai Baht. However, whichever way you look at it, the price of what can only be described as real estate masterpieces is still unbelievably attractive when compared to many other beauty spots around the globe.

The same goes for the condominium and apartment market in Koh Samui too. Units are minimalist, modern and ultra-hip often with gorgeous sea views and ice-blue swimming pools, many of which are infinity pools. On top of this, purchasers are buying into a fabulous lifestyle or a great vacation rental investment. The facilities and amenities, not to mention space and design, are really impressive in many of these developments.

The latest architectural designs plus modern renovations on older properties expertly play with space and light to create wonderful villas that truly shine in the Koh Samui real estate market. Think designer features, bold aesthetics and beachside retreats that are hip, grown-up and definitely desirable.

Contemporary means comfortable and convenient too, with many homes built to appeal to families, residents or vacation guests of different ages. Many of these modern houses embrace the concept of open-plan living too, with kitchens and dining spaces that are perfect for creating happy, memorable experiences together.

These modern properties are also designed around the concept of the outdoor spaces flowing into the indoors and vice versa. This is important for would-be purchasers to consider as today luxury is often defined by the wow factor of a property’s al fresco living. Koh Samui real estate markets are vibrant, dynamic and push the bar of design and quality high.

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