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Koh Samui Real Estate

Thailand’s second largest island, Koh Samui has grown from a natural beauty into a sophisticated destination showcasing some desirable real-estate opportunities. This is true, across the board, from affordable condos with amazing facilities to the most incredible private villas with spectacular views in the most exquisite locations in the luxury market. Samui’s white-sand beaches still retain a sense of untouched magnificence, yet beyond this Samui is home to gourmet restaurants, exhilarating adventures and fantastic experiences. For the property buyer or investor, the Gulf of Thailand island has a lot to offer.

Visitors from across the globe descend on Thailand year-round, with many making their way to islands in the South. Koh Samui real estate offers the chance for individuals to own their own piece of paradise, whether investing in a holiday home, looking to rent to vacationers or perhaps both. At the same time, the greater variety of activities and attractions available in and around Samui, along with increasing business opportunities, attracts many urban Thais and expats looking for a new home to match a new way of life.

From modern hilltop villas with panoramic vistas to hidden gems embracing Thai architectural charm, the real estate market within Samui is wonderfully diverse. With year-round sunshine, Samui is less well-developed than Phuket and is renowned for its cleaner beaches and its generally more relaxed, island atmosphere. With some islands having been closed due to environmental issues, the consensus is that there is a greater emphasis on protecting prime destinations such as Koh Samui. With this in mind, real estate on the island could become more exclusive, making it a profitable investment over time too.

A major attraction to investing in Koh Samui real estate is that the timing is right. Property prices are competitive, especially when compared to the lifestyle the island inspires. Samui is a welcome break for urban Bangkokians and is less commercial than Phuket yet has more going on than some smaller islands that offer little else beyond a beach escape. Property purchasers need to act fast though to make the most of the market.

Served by an International airport, Samui has seen a boost in business development in recent years too, with more retail outlets and services from local and international companies. The result of this has been to make Samui a more attractive place to live as well as leading directly to a growth in the commercial property sector too.

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