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Koh Samui Property Market

Trends in the Koh Samui Property Market

Koh Samui is not only a unique island destination in the Gulf of Thailand, it is also home to a unique real-estate market too. It’s not possible to look at other Thai islands and make direct comparisons as there are specific features that shape the trends in the Koh Samui property market.

Firstly, to protect the beauty of Samui famed for its seemingly endless white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, regulations are in place on high-rise developments. This may limit the condo market, but this is to the benefit of those who invest as there is an awareness amongst policymakers of not ruining the island’s best asset, its natural beauty. Added to this has been the suspension of condo licenses, whilst the market in existing apartment complexes is robust.

Beachfront land is always highly sought-after on Thailand’s tropical island idylls. Samui still has a healthy market in this respect, with great opportunities when compared with smaller islands or over-developed destinations.

There’s no doubt that Koh Samui continues to attract tourists, with better air links bringing more visitors than ever before. This has brought about a continued trend in investing in vacation rental properties. At the same time, as Samui develops there’s been more investment in affordable housing as well as smaller villas too.

In recent times, Thailand has captured the hearts not only of Chinese tourists but Chinese investors too. It’s estimated that some 30% of Thailand’s international in-bound visitors are from China and they’re pushing forward the midscale to high-end property market and the luxury villa market too.

All this combines to create an interesting, varied and dynamic property market in Koh Samui. With economies recovering, a slice of the good life by the sea is within reach for some. As Samui attracts more restaurants, bars and activities, communities grow making the island more of a feasible option for Thais and expats to live here, whether full time or some of the year.

Retirees are a big market shaping the market in Samui and so too are couples who are seeking out a romantic nest that is not as grandiose as some of the island’s luxurious villa properties. The signs are all there that markets are good with prices competitive and appealing to budgets of all sizes. Thai locals, expats and tourists are all looking at investing in a slice of Thailand’s real-estate cherry pie and the returns are sweet.

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