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Location Questions for a Koh Samui Property for Sale Search

It goes without saying that one of the most important considerations when purchasing a property or delving into the property market is the actual bricks and mortar – the building itself. Part of this incorporates layout, the space and the architectural design. Features such as high ceilings, quality interiors and creative landscaping make all the difference as well. On top of this are a property’s features, such as a villa swimming pool or the facilities found at a condominium such as a gym.

Aside from looking at the finer details of a villa, condo, land for sale or a commercial premises, a major deciding factor is focused on location. If you’re searching for a Koh Samui property for sale then consider letting the following questions guide you in finding the right place for your purpose.

  • How important is a sea view?
  • Do you want to be right by the beach or on higher ground with a panoramic vista?
  • How narrow or wide, location-wise, is your area?
  • Have you explored other parts of the island beyond the central areas close to the airport and the more tourist-heavy beach resorts?
  • In terms of distance, what’s the maximum drive time you want to be from the airport?
  • Is walking to the beach important?
  • What about being within walking distance of shops, bars and restaurants?
  • Do you want to be in the heart of a tourist enclave such as Chaweng? Or do you prefer to over on the opposite west coast at Nathon which has all the amenities a small town has to offer? Maybe the relaxed seaside atmosphere of Lamai, further south from Chaweng or the quieter Bophut, further north, is more your type of environment?
  • Who is the property for and how do you envisage they will get about? A secluded retreat may be too off the beaten track if you want to purchase a property that appeals to families. At the same time, the hedonism of Samui’s party hotspots could be the polar opposite of what you’re seeking.
  • Are you prepared to be more flexible on the property itself if the location is ideal or are you less fixated on setting and more about getting the best property specs for your baht?
  • Do you value privacy over and above other factors or would you prefer to be in a location where you have access to more facilities in a more community-focused setting?
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