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Top Tips when Viewing Koh Samui Properties for Sale

For some, buying property’s a strictly financial transaction, an investment that’s all about returns and future prospects. For others, property purchasing’s a personal ambition and with that feelings of excitement, trepidation and other emotions can combine. Either way, there comes a point when viewing Koh Samui properties for sale comes down to being practical and realistic, whether that be considering potential ROIs or your dream vacation home. Here are some top tips to follow to make sure you’re not missing anything out when you view a property for the first time.

Often you’ll see an image online, find out some information here too and contact the real estate company for more pictures and to get a better idea about a particular property. Some investors make a decision based on the relationship they build-up with a trusted real estate partner, while other property seekers want to actually take a look at a listing for real.

When you’re viewing a property it’s really important to see through any décor and/or furnishings that don’t fit with your preferences. It’s amazing how many people miss out on a really fantastic property that could be their ideal holiday home because they put too much emphasis on negatives that could be easily and affordably changed. Try and see each space as a blank canvas, unless you love the décor of course.

Look at the dimensions of a room as much as you look at the space. Some rooms can appear bigger than they are and vice versa. Stop and think about what a room will be used for and how the size, layout and other factors, such as an en-suite bathroom, fit with this purpose. This might be realizing that a room is only big enough for a single bed rather than a king-size one.

Look with an objective eye, noting down any negatives, or at least aspects of the property that will need attention. If renovations are required, stop and really calculate the time, money and energy for this and how this balances with the price tag and your situation.

Don’t just fall in love with one room that’s amazing, but weigh-up the property as a whole, considering bedrooms, outdoor space, bathrooms and shared living areas. Imagine yourself staying at the property in the morning, during the day and in the evening. Does the location, setting and individual features measure up to a great experience?

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